Grants - What's Available to You?

One of most commons obstacles that our customers have to over come, is often the lack of funding available for much needed maintenance or new sporting equipment. We can help you to assess the opportunities that may be available to you and your organisation. Speak to us today to find out how you can establish your entitlement.

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Grants designed for you

There are many grant and funding schemes available for clubs, organisations and communities in the UK. Funding can provide important cash to allow you to repair or upgrade equipment, improve club facilities, invest in the sustainability of a club or help train staff.

CJ Sports have worked with many organisations and educational establishments who have received funding in the form of grants to aid the purchase of sport and play equipment.

Once confirmation of acceptance is received we can work with you to maximize the funding to ensure you get the most from your grant.

Information & Advice

There are many options available for clubs and organisations looking for help with funding. We have provided a free guideline that informs you of the establishments who may be able help. This guideline is starting point for those seeking funding for sport and play equipment.

It outlines funding issues and contact details for a number of funding sources. Additions and updates will be made to the guide as further information becomes available.

Please note that we cannot offer any personal advice on these grants and that you are advised to contact the funding organisation directly.

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