Services you can rely on

When you're investing in the future of your school or organsation, it's hugely important to have the support of a company that you can rely on. We've built our reputation on the high standard of support we give to our customers. Whether it's fitting, maintenance, repairs or just friendly advice, we are always here to help.

Let us help your project...

Fitting Service


Our team are qualified and experienced in the fitting of all sports equipment products that we offer, from new netting to a full match wicket, our team are the right choice to ensure that products are fitted correctly, safely and in accordance with manufacturers guidelines.

We promise that your equipment will be set up correctly in the quickest time possible ensuring that it can be used safely straight away.

Maintenance Service


We offer maintenance contracts or one off maintenance tasks to ensure that your equipment is kept in prime condition ensuring years of productive use. Our skilled maintenance team currently handle many maintenance contracts across the country.

These maintenance tasks range from taking down nets and dry storing in the autumn, to lifting the carpets and levelling the hard porous base in the spring. Our maintenance contracts ensure that the facility is kept in good condition, reduces the risk of accidents and wear and tear and has less chance of misuse. This ensures that your equipment is cared for ensuring many years of use and achieving full life expectancy.

Repair Service


From time to time minor or major damage can occur for many reasons, from misuse and neglect to accidental damage and vandalism. We have seen many incidents over the years of these situations and our team are skilled in the repair of all of our products.

Repairing equipment can be a cost effective solution, if successfully repaired this ensures that the full life expectancy of the product is achieved. The benefits of repairing damaged equipment results in a longer time before renewal, keeps costs down and more importantly reduces the risk of accidents.