Artificial Cricket Wickets

Artificial Cricket Pitches

Suitable For All Weathers. Consistent Performance. Over 35 Years Experience.

The unreliable British weather is a national joke but isn’t funny when it ruins a cricket season. With an artificial cricket pitch, rain no longer stops play!

Whether you want to upgrade your practice area or matchday wicket, CJ Sports can provide a solution which gives you the best use of your facilities no matter the weather.

Cricket Wickets

With clubs and schools demanding more from their facilities, the days of poorly constructed bases and inferior quality carpets are over. Repairing water-damaged practice areas just to make them safe doesn’t improve players enjoyment of the sport nor their technique.

It’s why more organisations are investing in artificial cricket wickets for both practice nets and matchdays to secure their long-term futures. With an artificial pitch running in tandem, grass pitches can be preserved in immaculate condition to give clubs and schools the best of both worlds.

Our British-made Wilton weave carpet requires minimal maintenance over its expected 15-year lifespan while the dense fibre shock pad and dynamic base will continue in service for many years afterwards.

We use the finest materials to ensure that our products comply with ECB standards which give you a pitch to use in any conditions, all year round.

Artificial Wicket Specifications

Our wickets are supplied in the following sizes as standard:

  • 8 Metres Long bowling end
  • 11 Metres Long batting end
  • 30 Metres Long match wicket

All our artificial cricket pitches are made of durable and hard-wearing Wilton weave fibre carpet, with a dense fibre shock pad to protect the dynamic base from damage. We do also have on offer, needle punched & tufted carpets, for those that need to work on a tight budget to build a pitch suitable for your cricket games.

Hard Porous Bases

CJ Sports also offer the very affordable Hard Porous Based artificial crickets wickets, this base comes with dense British made fibre shock pad which protects the dynamic base below. This fibre shock pad ensures an extended lifetime without maintenance for your base.

Our hard porous bases are very low maintenance and are long lasting at the same time. With the ability to be used during all weather conditions without an impact on performance throughout the match, this base is one of the favourites when it comes to artificial wickets.

Dense Concrete Bases

Cricket is a sport of all-comers and the dense concrete base is ideal for coaching beginners, irrespective of their age. The artificial cricket pitch stays true to give players the best chance to get used to the bounce and pace of the ball.

Requiring less maintenance than a hard porous pitch, which suits open spaces or grounds which have suffered vandalism previously.

The dense concrete is tamped to a flat finish to give a higher and even bounce. Once the concrete has dried and cured, a special adhesive is used to stick the carpet onto the concrete. The carpet is a needle punched construction (fibre bonded) with a pile height designed for cricket.

Find out More about Artificial Wickets

Get in touch for more information on our artificial wickets, as well our installation services. Our wealth of experience gained over 35 years means CJ Sports can quickly and safely install your wickets in any environment to give you the consistent playing surface you demand from your artificial cricket wicket.

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