Football Goalpost Installation

Investing in football goalposts is an important capital decision for both clubs and schools. Being able to use the equipment all year around is vital as is the requirement for it to fit into the health and safety requirements you have in place.

CJ Sports will ensure your posts are installed and assembled correctly. If you need goal posts installing or changing, contact CJ Sports on 0116 269 3562.

Our Range of Football Goalposts

When it comes to purchasing a new set of goalposts for your footballing activities, there is definitely a couple of options in the market, such as the choice of metal but also the choice of socketed or free standing. Choosing the right option can sometimes seem difficult, especially if it’s your first time purchasing goalposts.

With over 35 years experience under their belt, our team of goalpost experts will be able to identify your requirements from your goalposts and give you an idea of what we think would be best for your pitch. In most cases a conversation over the phone is all the team require, however, should we require a quick visit to the pitch we will be more than happy to complete a free site visit.

Freestanding VS Socketed Goal Posts

When it comes to football goals there are 2 major types of goals, these being freestanding and also socketed. As the name suggests, socketed goalposts require sockets in the ground which are normally submerged in concrete below the surface. Socketed goal posts are the most popular choice for clubs, public areas and other recreation grounds. This is because they can be left overtime without attendance due to being socketed in place, we would recommend getting an experienced installer to complete the full goalposts installation. Failure to socket the goal correctly not only becomes a hazard but also means it could be stolen much easier.

Similarly much like the name suggests, freestanding goals are the complete opposite of socketed, as they are in fact freestanding. Because the goal is freestanding it does allow mobility of the goal posts, should you wish to make your pitches smaller or simply to move the pitch. However, a negative of freestanding goal posts is the fact that they cannot be left out in the open unattended, as they are easily stolen due to not being held in place.

Whilst in play, freestanding football goalposts will require additional anchoring such as being tied to metal hooks in the ground, this is to ensure it doesn’t move if a budding Christiano Ronaldo sends a ball rocketing off the top right corner.

More Information about Football Goal Posts

If you are looking for some more information on football goalposts and would like to book in your expert installation, then please feel free to get in touch online or by giving us a call on 0116 269 3562. A member of our specialist goalposts team will be on hand to assist you with your order or query.

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