Cricket Covers

Cricket Covers

In the past, some clubs and schools have placed little importance on having ‘fit for purpose’ cricket covers and simply looked to less effective, make do ones instead. They may have felt that proper cricket covers were either too expensive or there was a lack of staff to maintain and put them away, the same case is true with Cricket Netting. In turn, the pitch was never able to live up to its potential.

Now pitch protection need never cost the earth, thanks to more competitively priced cricket covers that come with a long-lasting lifespan. They’re also much more manageable because modern and innovative designs mean they are made from lightweight and breathable materials which can even help to improve performance, thanks to the effect they have on the pitch.

Lightweight and easy to move Cricket Covers

You don’t need to have a groundskeeper there all the time in order to move your cricket covers around and get them into place, anyone can do the job as they are lightweight and incredibly easy to move and put away.

Because these durable and sturdy covers weigh so little, it means they can be pushed on and off the square without much time or effort needed at all.

Galvanised Steel Frame Covers

The cricket covers come with a tough galvanised steel frame which protects against rust and other corrosive elements.

Thanks to the tough nature of the frame it can help to extend the lifetime of the cricket covers, which means you won’t be needing any new ones for a very long time.

Cricket Covers with Weather Protection

Cricket covers keep your cricket pitch dry while not in use, so, you’ll get to keep it at the highest quality for as long as possible. It also means that you’re doing everything you can to prevent any unnecessary additional repair or replacement costs further down the line.

The cricket covers can also cover a greater area, which includes the bowlers’ run-up as well as the square. So, there’s less time waiting around for the pitch to be in good working order again.

When storing your cricket covers, just ensure they are rolled up or folded neatly away to avoid trapping moisture, which in turn can lead to mould. And they should never be stored away while still wet.

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