Cricket Covers

Cricket Covers

CJ Sports offers the perfect solution to cricket pitch protection with cricket covers that are easy to maintain and won’t cost the earth.

Our mobile cricket covers for clubs and schools are lightweight and breathable, while being super tough to confidently withstand the elements.

If you’re in need of an experienced cricket cover supplier for your cricket club or school, contact CJ Sports today for a fast, competitive quotation using our contact form or call us on 0116 269 3562.

The benefits of our cricket covers

Properly installed flat screen cricket pitch covers can bring many long term benefits to a school or club, which means more frequent, improved levels of play throughout the year.

Cricket covers from CJ Sports are also incredibly simple to move onto the pitch and then can be easily put away when not needed, while the tough nature of the cricket cover frame helps to extend their lifetime.

Aspects of our mobile cricket covers include the following:

  • Reinforced PVC sheets over a galvanised steel frame to protect from rust.
  • Available in easy to manage sections.
  • Four pneumatic tyred wheels, 2 fixed and 2 castor, on each of three units for speed across the outfield.
  • Guttering each with 50m of hose fixed to take the water far away from the square.
  • Coverage of a greater area, which includes the bowlers’ run-up as well as the square.

The right cricket covers for your needs

Cricket covers are an excellent way to offer pitch protection all year round. Many believe they can even improve performance, thanks to the positive effect that mobile cricket covers can have on the ground beneath them.

As an experienced and highly rated cricket cover supplier, the team at CJ Sports takes pride in being able to offer clear communication, advice and support when it comes to finding the right equipment for your needs. Once you’ve made a decision on what is the right cricket cover for you, our team can then offer professional cricket cover installation services to ensure the best possible effect on your pitch.

When storing your cricket covers, simply ensure they are rolled up or folded neatly away to avoid trapping moisture, which in turn can lead to mould. And they should never be stored away while still wet.

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Properly protect your cricket pitch by keeping it dry while not in use and prevent any unnecessary additional repair or replacement costs further down the line.

Speak to our experts at CJ Sports to discuss your mobile cricket covers on 0116 269 3562 or contact us using our contact form for a fast call back.

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