Ball Stop Netting

Is Your School, Sports Club or Facility Properly Protected By The Correct Netting?

Ball Stop Netting: Before Ordering any ball stop netting, make sure you’ve read the information on this page.

Firstly, congratulations for taking action, as this is a job that often gets put off. Sometimes for years, with excuses like, we don’t have the budget or money is just too tight. And only when you’ve experienced a ‘near miss’ or even worse, an actual incident are people jolted into getting your ball stop netting fixed.

A ball going through or over the netting can result in damage to surrounding buildings, homes and worst case innocent members of the public.

Whether you’ve experienced this pain first hand or not, you’ll no doubt of heard stories of what happens when damage is done to people’s property or health, it’s embarrassing but more importantly distressing for everybody involved.

The last thing that you need is a mentally straining and draining legal process which all could have been avoided with the right ball-stop netting installation in the first place.

Choosing The Right Netting

Choosing ball stop netting isn’t as easy as it might appear, as not all netting is created equally. With so many factors including the type of netting, the strength of the materials, height, positioning and how the net is being tested means that there are lots of possibilities of getting things wrong, without the right specialist help at hand.

By putting in place the right ball stop netting it will provide your sports club, school or organisation with a safe environment for both the sports players and the people in nearby surrounding areas.

No longer will you get that sinking feeling every time you see a ball careering towards the boundary, but instead you can rest easy that you’ve done everything within your control to ensure the very highest levels of safety possible.

Boundary Netting Types

High-quality ball stop netting is pressure tested in laboratory conditions specifically for each type of ball which is to be used. When it comes to stopping balls safely, scientists take into consideration many variables such as:

  • Material
  • Ball size
  • Ball weight
  • Expected spin
  • Travelling speed and velocity

Each of the above factors can make a huge difference when it comes to installing netting that provides the highest levels of safety and durability of the coming years. It’s hard to know exactly how much fencing you need, as you’re not a trained expert, so when it comes to buying netting online or getting quotes from untrained and inexperienced installers, it’s often a lottery as to whether the positioning and height will provide adequate protection.

Cricket Boundary Netting

With the ever progressing technology used in developing high-distance bats and streamlined balls, it’s no surprise that in cricket clubs and schools balls are being hit further and harder each day that passes.

Cricket Boundary Netting can be installed on a permanent or semi-permanent basis, with adjustable height and coverage depending on the requirements of your situation.

Tubular steel posts are galvanised for long life and can be painted or powder coated in any colour. The netting is black, 50 mm mesh, 2 mm diameter, polypropylene for durability in any height up to 11 metres. Nets are available as permanent, semi-permanent where the netting can be lowered or temporary on wheels.

Golf Boundary Netting

Golf can be one of the most unpredictable of sports when it comes to stopping balls from doing damage to nearby properties or passers-by. Golf balls can travel extremely long distances very quickly, and when taking into consideration unpredictable bounces, trajectories or spin, getting the right netting for your golf course or driving range is paramount to the reputation of your club.

Golf netting typically uses tubular steel posts which are galvanised and painted to protect against weather conditions and ball damage and can be custom painted to match your specific requirements. The tight mesh netting is black and is created using a strongly woven 2mm polypropylene for durability and can be installed on a permanent or temporary basis to reach custom tailored heights of anything up to 11m.

Football Boundary Netting

We all remember that infamous and dreaded question “Can we have our ball back, please?” which grows very tiresome, very quickly to people on the receiving end.

But on a serious note, you do not want to risk injury to others or trespass to retrieve lost balls. CJ Sports can provide football ball stop netting, to ensure these awkward & dangerous situations are avoided. If it is for a school or for a club our football ball stop netting comes in various sizes ensuring that our netting is the perfect solution to your problem.

Sports Boundary Netting

We have experience in making recommendations for all types of sports including rugby, hockey, American football and much more. Feel free to contact us directly on 0116 269 3562 if you have any specific requirements you’d like to discuss.

Chris Campbell’s Promise

Chris Campbell of CJ sports is one of the country’s most experienced ball stop netting installers, having spent the last 35 years working and consulting closely with some of the country’s leading professional and amateur sports clubs, schools and organisations.

Chris’s proven System for evaluating the exact requirements when it comes to ball stop netting means that CJ Sports has an unblemished record when it comes to getting it right. Chris provides a thorough and in-depth analysis of your existing netting along with thorough recommendations for installing long-lasting, health and safety compliant netting.

Book Your FREE Ball Stop Netting Consultation with Chris Campbell. For a limited time only Chris Campbell is providing FREE on-site consultations for sports clubs, schools and organisations. Please call right away on 0116 269 3562 to check

Boundary Netting Types

All of our netting is supplied by reputable manufacturers and pressure tested for the very toughest sporting environments so that you can rest assured that your installation will stand the test of time and stand up to every sporting occasion.

So much is the success of Chris’s track record, that we proudly and confidently offer our famous 5-year guarantee for all first-class netting which is installed on your premises. We 100% guarantee that your net will not be damaged by a budding Brian Lara or talented Tiger Woods, or any adverse weather condition for that matter.

And… if it is, we’ll come and repair it free of charge.

But… Our Netting Isn’t For Everyone

If you DON’T put the safety of your pupils, members, and surrounding public at the top of your priority list, then it’s likely that we’re not going to be a good fit for each other. We have a reputation for installing hard-wearing, durable and long lasting netting solutions, not quick cheap and badly installed nets which will need replacing in a couple of years.

If you’re looking for the cheapest solution possible, then I’m afraid we’re likely not the right company for you, as we take pride in our work and both of our reputations.

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