Javelin Runway Installation 

As the weather gets warmer, schools and sports clubs turn their minds more towards outdoor athletics and the variety of events involved. This can include the sport of javelin throwing which can offer benefits for both muscular strength and endurance, as well as cardiovascular fitness which means Javelin Runway Installation becomes a very spoken about topic.

In a similar way to the spear throwing days of history, great levels of flexibility, strong joints and superior muscle strength are needed to be able to carry and throw the javelin at high speed and become successful in your aim.

It’s because of the benefits to health and fitness that the javelin throw has remained a popular feature of the athletics field, but it’s not only at this time of year that javelin throwing and the subject of javelin runway installation becomes such a hot topic and one which C J Sports are experts in.

Increase in Popularity

Following the UK’s 2012 Olympic Games and the excitement which surrounded it, one of the sports which has grown in popularity is the javelin throw.

Not only is it a sport which can improve fitness, but it also takes a lot of practice and focus to get the acceleration, technique, accuracy and speed that will make you successful in your throw and help prevent any injury.

The potential for such improvements, in addition to the fitness that playing any sport can bring, is what makes javelin throwing a massively rewarding and satisfying past time.

Javelin Runway Installation

In order to get the most enjoyment and highest levels of safety when javelin throwing, it’s important to have the right equipment available. This includes javelin runway installation which is completed using the best quality products and highest levels of expertise.

UK Athletics and IAAF designs and specifications of javelin runways include a standard distance, length and dimensions. In addition, equipment needed for a javelin throw should include the following:

  • A clearly marked runway
  • Tape measure
  • Javelin created to official specifications
  • Spike to help measure the throw
  • Marker to mark the starting point of the run-up
  • Sheets for recording achievements of each athlete
  • Broom to sweep the runway after use and keep it in the best condition.

There should also be the presence of officials at any javelin throw which is taking place, from professional sporting events, through to those being held at sports clubs or schools.

This is not only to ensure thrower and spectator safety and that the correct techniques and rules of the throw are adhered to, but also to find, measure, mark and record the point of impact of the javelin tip and return it after the throw has been noted.

These officials should be well versed in exactly what is needed, in order to make the javelin throw valid and also be aware of the rules that have to be followed, such as throwing in the correct way by only holding the javelin at the grip and throwing it over the shoulder or upper part of the arm.

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