Cricket Sight Screens

Cricket Sight Screens

Whatever level you’re playing at in a game of cricket, it’s always useful to have the best chance of seeing the ball using cricket sight screens, and as a result, improve the quality of the game.

Visibility can often be poor and because we can’t always guarantee the sunshine, it can be difficult for players to see the ball in some lighting. Sight screens are an excellent solution to the problem, as they highlight the ball, whatever the weather.

High Quality Cricket Sight Screens

Always remember that good quality equipment, not only in sports clubs but in schools and colleges, can help give the sporting stars of tomorrow the best chance to develop their skills.

Having good equipment, such as cricket sight screens, cricket cages and all-weather pitches in place will also enable every single player to get the very best experience of the game.

But in a world where we can’t always have everything we want, it pays to have options and give them careful consideration especially when you a tight budget to stick to.

uPVC Sight Screens

A low budget might mean you’ve had to put up with poor quality equipment, with not many options available to you, for far too long. This lack of funding could mean that you’ve never even considered a cricket sight screen. Well, we have the answer.

Our modern and effective uPVC cricket sight screens are a great value alternative to the more expensive timber screens. They are UV stabilised (which means no rot) and are designed in a hit and miss pattern, on a galvanised steel base frame to protect against the damaging effects of rust. They’re also mounted on wheels to make them incredibly easy to move about.

We also have on offer Twenty20 uPVC Reversible screens, allowing use during the day with the white side of the screen. As well as use during the evening games with the reversed side being black. No longer will your players have to squint to see where the ball is going or will you have to schedule games only during the day!

Lightweight Mesh Sight Screens

The porous white mesh screen is powder coated white and comes on galvanised steel wheels with rubber tyres to offer lightweight cricket sight screens that can be moved around with ease when you need to change the angle or location.

They’re also incredibly easy to take care of too.

Timber Sight Screens

Here you’ll find the strongest and most long-lasting cricket sight screen. Our timber screens have sturdy slats and again, are easy to manoeuvre as they come on wheels.

Like many of our other cricket sight screens, the timber ones are also arranged in a hit and miss pattern and have a strong galvanised steel axis.

Polyethylene Sight Screens

Another incredibly long-lasting option, the polyethylene screen will last a lifetime, is low maintenance, impact resistant, UV stabilised and comes on a galvanised steel base frame and wheels for easy moving.

Speak To our Sight Screen Experts

Cricket sight screens allow the ball to be seen easily by everyone taking part in the match. This way players can track the ball at all times, no matter the level or quality of lighting.

Allow your players to excel, without hindrance, by investing in a good cricket sight screen today.

For more information, get in touch with us about our products and prices, as well as our professional installation services. We are always pleased to help make your cricketing experience the best it can be.

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