Pole Vault Runway Construction

Pole Vault Runway Construction

Over the last few years, the popularity of sports, such as the pole vault, has gone from strength to strength in schools and clubs all over the UK and with that the increasing need for Pole Vault Runway Construction.

From long jump to high jump, discus to javelin, athletics as a whole – and the many track and field events that fall into this category – is now available to people of all ages to get involved in and enjoy. 

Pole vault is a well known track and field event which began in Ancient Greece and has been a major part of the Olympics for over 120 years. In this event, the athlete runs at speed along a pole vault runway up to a high bar and using a long flexible pole (usually made of fibreglass), is able to propel themselves up and over the bar. 

At competition level, the athletes may launch themselves at very large heights, but for those looking to start out in the pole vault and perhaps not ready to take on the biggest challenge, the bar can be set much lower.

As experts in the installation of athletics equipment for schools and sports clubs, the team at CJ Sports has many years of experience in pole vault runway construction and has watched the demand for it grows, especially after major athletics events in the UK, such as the 2012 Olympics. 

Facilities can be designed, manufactured and installed both for recreational and professional use, in a variety of designs, dependant on what it’s needed for and the budget restrictions involved. Flexible, affordable payment plans and funding from bodies such as Sport England and the National Lottery are available too. 

Competition standard pole vault runway construction

When you’re looking to refurbish, replace or install a pole vault runway in your school or sports club, there are several aspects of pole vault installation to consider. This includes the following:

  • Runway (minimum of 40m)
  • Take off box and collar 
  • Landing Mat (normally 5m x 5m and 6m x 6m for major international competitions)
  • Protective padding
  • Pole Vault uprights
  • Pole Vault crossbar
  • Pole Vault pole
  • Cover plate/ shelter 

Made of EPDM polymeric recycled rubber, the pole vault run up is incredibly durable and long lasting, with a standard width of 1.2m and 40m length. Alternatives to this standard size can be discussed, depending on a client’s individual needs.

The runway has a standard inclination in the running direction of 1:1000 and the overall lateral inclination is 1:100. The pole vault box is 1.084m in length, 600mm wide at the front and tapers to 150mm at the bottom. While the pole vault runway can be built to specification, consideration should also be given to IAAF, NFHS and NCAA regulations. 

A pole vault runway can be doubled up with the same track runway as a triple jump runway, javelin runway, or long jump run up, dependant on space restrictions.

Get in touch to find out more about pole vault runway construction

At CJ Sports, our experts can offer design, construction and professional installation of pole vault runways to suit a wide range of budgets.

Getting in touch has never been easier, whether you prefer by email, online, or over the phone. So, when you need to discuss pole vault runway construction, design and installation, feel free to give our experts a shout to discuss your requirements today.

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