Improve Safety With The Right Cricket Ball Stop Netting

Improve Safety With The Right Cricket Ball Stop Netting

With the summer months on their way, a game of cricket, played using effective cricket ball stop netting, could be on the cards for your school or sports club, once life returns to normal. 

With schools being closed and the country on lockdown, the need for us all to get fit, healthy and enjoying team sports once again, once the current global crisis is over, will be more important than ever.

To maximise that enjoyment, ensuring that players, spectators and passers-by stay safe during a cricket game is paramount.


Cricket Ball Stop Netting – Getting It Right

You can improve cricket safety with the right netting on the boundary or perimeter of your cricket field. The netting comes in a variety of shapes, adjustable heights and sizes to suit all budgets, space and requirements. 

The high quality netting that we install is a hardwearing, braided nylon netting, which is 2mm thick and made from premium materials to provide outstanding durability and strength. 

It is held in place using galvanised netting hooks, or black plastic ties and is also black in colour to ensure the multi-coloured balls which are used, can be easily seen.  Coloured cricket practice netting is also available on special order, to reflect specific branding for clubs or schools.


The specifics

Cricket ball stop netting from CJ Sports is 50 mm mesh, 2 mm diameter, polypropylene for durability in any height up to 11 metres. Nets are available as a permanent, or semi-permanent solution, where the netting can be lowered or set on wheels.

The different types of hard-wearing, braided nylon cricket ball stop netting and accessories that we have available, are as follows:

  • Cricket Roof Netting
  • Cricket Surround Netting
  • Cricket Dividing Netting
  • Galvanised Netting Hooks


The Main Benefits Of Installing Cricket Ball Stop Netting

The very purpose of stop netting is to stop wayward cricket balls from going places that they shouldn’t and causing damage. This damage might include broken windows, dented cars and of course, serious injuries to those who are nearby. 

These problems can be avoided by putting the right cricket ball stop netting in place which is rigorously pressure tested in laboratory conditions to ensure it is up to the job of stopping a cricket ball which is travelling at high speed. 

Other benefits of using cricket netting include the fact that it is able to withstand strong winds and rain, and can be used on a temporary or permanent basis, easily stored away when not in use.


100% FREE Cricket Netting Quote

The team at CJ Sports have been installing cricket ball stop netting and other types of sports equipment for almost 40 years. 

When you make the decision to have netting installed, benefit from a bespoke quote from one of our ball stop netting specialists, who will visit your site free of charge and give you an idea about some of the options available. 

Get in touch today for more details, to discuss your cricket netting project and to book your free site visit with no obligation cricket netting quote.

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