Golf Netting

Golf Netting

Investing in golf netting is a must for every club. CJ Sports high-quality nets are the perfect solution for every course or driving range, protecting the surrounding environment from damage caused by wayward balls.

Choosing the right netting can save you thousands of pounds in settlements for unwanted damage to property claims!

High Quality Golf Netting

Our golf nets are manufactured to the highest possible specifications giving outstanding performance in the most demanding of environments.

Netting is not just about protecting the surroundings of the course but other players and spectators as well.

Not only does our golf netting offer protection, the long lifespan and low maintenance help keep driving ranges as a welcoming place. There’s nothing more off-putting than setting yourself for practice strokes and seeing holes in nets.

With our high-quality nets, that is a problem you will no longer face. Members will know their fees have been invested in sustainable structures that will protect them and others.

Golf Net Specifications

Our nets come in three colours – Black, Green or White – and will fit any size golf cage. If your budget is small, refurbishing existing nets is a service we also offer. Please contact us for more details.

The strength of the netting means that players in driving ranges are kept entirely separate from courses themselves, with no danger of stray balls interrupting play. With over 35 years in the industry, the staff at CJ Sports can provide an expert installation of your golf netting ensuring your netting quality is just as good as it’s installation.

High Quality Golf Netting Promise

Over the years CJ Sports have developed their arsenal of high-quality golf netting adapting with the market and the latest quality materials. The confidence we place in our quality of netting means we offer a 5-year guarantee with every sale. When you purchase your golf netting you are covered free of charge for the next 5 years! If it be minor maintenance or something more serious, CJ Sports cover this with their 5-year promise.

Golf Cages

As part of your investment programme, ask about our superb range of golf cages. Made from galvanised steel for a longer life, we provide long-life connectors and ensure they look fabulous as well by using high-quality powder coating to suit any colour scheme.

Static or mobile, we have a range of golf cages to suit every need!

Find Out More Golf Netting Information

Stop risking the safety of your golfers and spectators, get your high-quality golf netting from CJ Sports and receive a free 5-year guarantee, if your golf netting does get damaged and requires some maintenance. CJ Sports will be quick on the job to come and fix/replace your golf netting free of charge and at a suitable time for you.

For more information feel free to give us a call or fill out our online form and a member of the team will be in touch with you swiftly after.

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