Tennis Surfaces

Tennis Surfaces

As tennis clubs, local authorities as schools look to improve the tennis surfaces at their courts, at CJ Sports we developed our product range by investing our time in saving yours.

Improved longevity over traditional grass and concrete courts isn’t hard but by using the highest quality materials, we reduced the time you need to spend maintaining the rubber and synthetic tennis surfaces while keeping the costs affordable.

Rubber Tennis Surfaces

The new era of hard court surfaces takes the best of concrete and clay tennis courts while losing the downsides.
Our hard-wearing tennis surface is made of a layer of granular rubber with two coats of texture spray, using rubber granules and polyurethane in red or green.

It’s ideal for all abilities, from beginners who benefit from the consistency of the ball’s bounce to the experts who like to serve and thrash around the court.

But the high level of slip resistance prevents injuries after running or falling. Players know that the surface won’t jar joints or damage tendons; it’s built to be played on!

CJ Sports offers a full installation service including tarmac base, or we can refurbish your existing surface.

Synthetic Grass Courts

Grass courts take a lot of maintaining. Mowing, rolling, repainting the lines; it’s a tough job for any groundsman but our synthetic grass tennis courts solve those problems.

The sand-filled grass system mimics traditional grass tennis surfaces thanks to the pile length which provides a year-round perfect playing environment.

Without the need to be watered continuously through dry summer months, the synthetic surfaces allow the ball to slide and maintain the fast-paced game which makes Wimbledon so appealing.

High Quality Tennis Surfaces

All our tennis surfaces are made to the highest standards to ensure the ball bounces true every time. No more chips in the concrete or cracks in the earth under the grass; our rubber and synthetic grass courts are built to last without any diminished performance over time.

Players appreciate the way in which the courts absorb the impact of movement, reducing the risk of stress fractures or muscular injuries.

The environment surrounding the court’s benefits as well. No more balls damaging windows or climbing on roofs to retrieve balls after they kick up thanks to an uneven surface.

The consistently achieved true bounce keeps the ball in the courts even for the most adventurous of shots.

Complete Tennis Solutions

Our tennis surfaces are part of the complete package for solving your tennis needs. The investment you are making is substantial and our product range can be tailored to all circumstances.

As well the courts, we offer a full range of facilities, including floodlighting systems at affordable prices.

Discuss Your Tennis Surfacing

If you’re looking to improve your tennis surfaces or even to have a discussion about the different surfaces we have on offer, feel free to get in touch online or by giving us a call. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, our team of expert staff will be able to assist you with any questions you have about our tennis surfaces.

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