Tennis Surfaces

Tennis Surfaces

CJ Sports has supplied and installed tennis surfaces for sports clubs and all kinds of educational establishments for many years.

If you’re in need of expert tennis court installation or are looking for the best tennis surfaces for your club or school, contact CJ Sports today.

With over 35 years of experience, we take pride in ensuring that, not only are the highest quality materials used in our tennis surfaces, but we have something to suit every requirement and budget.

To find out more, get in touch using our contact form or call us on 0116 269 3562.

Tennis Court Surface Types

Different tennis court surface types make for a completely different style and speed of game altogether.

That’s why, not only should tennis court construction be of high quality, but the tennis surfaces must be made of the right material and properly installed, in order to get the level of play that you’re looking for.

When you go for tennis court installation with CJ Sports, our experts can talk you through the benefits of the following types of tennis court surface:

Rubber Tennis Surfaces

● Better than concrete and clay tennis courts
● Made of a layer of granular rubber with two coats of texture spray, using rubber granules and polyurethane in red or green
● Ideal for all abilities
● High level of slip resistance prevents injuries after running or falling
● Players know that the surface won’t jar joints or damage tendons
● Full tennis court installation service offered, including tarmac base, or refurbishment of your existing tennis surface

Synthetic Grass Courts

● Perfect alternative to traditional grass courts
● Low maintenance – no mowing, rolling, repainting the lines
● Sand-filled grass system mimics traditional grass tennis surfaces
● Synthetic nature provides a year-round perfect playing environment
● No need to continuously water through dry summer months

Whether you choose rubber or synthetic grass tennis surfaces, you can rest assured that all of the CJ Sports tennis surfaces are made to the highest standards to ensure the best results.

This kind of tennis court construction also means no more chips in the concrete or cracks in the earth under the grass to deal with, because these tennis court surface types are built to last without any reduction in quality.

Benefits of the best tennis surfaces

Whether you need tennis court installation for your school, club, local authority, or even your own home, safety should always be paramount and that includes the installation of surfaces least likely to cause injury.

The best tennis surfaces, when installed correctly, should help to reduce the risk of trips and falls and absorb the impact of movement, reducing the risk of stress fractures or muscular injuries.

The environment surrounding the court can be better protected as well, because there’s no worry about balls flying off in all kinds of direction, thanks to an uneven, poor quality surface.

Contact CJ Sports About Your Tennis Court Requirements

CJ Sports have carried out effective tennis court installation at locations across the country for many years.

Speak to our experts today to discuss your tennis surface requirements and benefit from our expert knowledge – call 0116 269 3562 or use our online contact form for a fast call back.

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