Outdoor Gym Equipment Bristol - The Ultimate Guide

Outdoor Gym Equipment Bristol – The Ultimate Guide

When it comes to getting fit and healthy in the sunshine, using outdoor gym equipment in Bristol is an excellent way to reap the benefits of outdoor exercise.

But what makes outdoor exercise so special? 

Of course, there are the obvious benefits of making improvements to your health and fitness, but that’s the same as with the many types of exercise you can do indoors. 

With outdoor gym equipment, the great thing about it is that you can do the same sort of things you might do in an indoor gym, such as cardiovascular exercise, strengthening your muscles or helping yourself to be more flexible, while being outside.

The many benefits of outdoor exercise allow you to enjoy the fantastic boost to your mental and physical health that comes with a good dose of fresh air and sunshine. Additional benefits of outdoor exercise include the following: 

  • Challenging your body to adapt to the elements, making it more resilient
  • Stress relief associated with being in a natural environment
  • Burn more calories as your body works harder to adapt to the change in climate
  • Breathe in cleaner air than in an indoor environment
  • The great outdoors is free for all to use – no costly gym membership required
  • Get an even greater boost to your self esteem and confidence than when exercising indoors
  • Work to your own ability – outdoor gym equipment is suitable for people of all ages

Bristol – a great place to get fit and healthy

Bristol is a place full of people who love to live a healthy life, so it goes without saying that any outdoor gym equipment which is installed in the city should be up to the challenge of meeting the expectations of all who use it. 

What Bristol already has to offer is a wide variety of outdoor activities, from hiking in the rolling hills, to amazing places to run and cycle, outdoor swimming in a variety of local pools and lakes, such as Henleaze Lake, Avon Valley Country Park and Clevedon Tidal Pool and, for those who like to challenge themselves, lots of military style boot camps, too. 

On top of that, when it comes to outdoor gym equipment Bristol is bursting with local parks and open spaces in which you can give it a go – such as Victoria Park, Brandon Hill and Withywood Park. Or, if tennis is more your thing, there are lots of public tennis courts and tennis clubs in Bristol which welcome people to enjoy a knock about outside.

At CJ Sports, we have carried out tennis court construction and outdoor gym equipment installation in Bristol for over 35 years and we are always pleased to see just how much importance is placed on remaining fit, healthy and active across the city.

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