Cricket Practice Nets

Cricket Practice Nets – The Ultimate Guide

The thought of summertime, let alone playing sports together, may feel like it’s a long way off, but if summer sports are your thing, and you want to ensure you’ve got the right equipment, then here’s everything you need to know about cricket practice nets. 

Cricket is a game which has been played regularly at schools and clubs, at all levels of ability, across the UK, for many years – especially when the weather is warmer. There’s nothing more quintessentially English than the sight of a summer cricket match taking place on the local village green – such is the love we have of cricket in this country, in particular. 

Thanks to the COVID vaccinations being rolled out, the chances of enjoying a game of cricket this summer are becoming increasingly more likely and in order to get the most benefit from the game, it’s vital to ensure you’re using the correct equipment. 

This includes using the right cricket practice nets – practice with the best equipment and you’re guaranteed to not only get the most enjoyment out of the game and enhance your skill – but, you’ll be ensuring maximum levels of safety, too. After all, cricket balls aren’t soft and they can be hit extremely hard. 

The Right Equipment 

Cricket practice nets of a good standard will help to prevent wayward cricket balls from causing damage to people, buildings, objects or vehicles nearby. When you want to practise hitting the ball, but your aim isn’t the best, or you don’t have a huge open area to practice on, cricket nets can be a godsend in catching the ball and stopping it from going places it shouldn’t. 

So what are they? 

Anyone hoping to improve their game with cricket practice nets, or ensure cricket safety on the boundary or perimeter of a cricket field, can choose from a huge variety of shapes, adjustable heights and sizes of cricket practice netting to suit all budgets, space and requirements. 

Our cricket ball stop netting is made from a hardwearing, braided nylon netting, which is 2mm thick and created from premium material to ensure high durability and strength. 

The netting is held in place using galvanised netting hooks, or black plastic ties and is also coloured black to ensure the bright coloured balls can be well seen. Coloured cricket practice netting is available too, where required, if, for example, you want a logo or club colours adding to the netting. 

The several types

Cricket practice netting does not have to just provide a protective wall, either. We have the following types available: 

  • Roof netting 
  • Cricket surround netting 
  • Cricket divide netting 
  • Pop up cricket nets 
  • Freestanding cricket practice nets 
  • Heavy duty cricket practice nets 
  • Galvanised netting hooks and other accessories 

Get a quote on your cricket practice nets now 

There are all sorts of types of cricket netting that you can invest in to improve the levels of safety at your school or club, as well as enhancing players’ ability and enjoyment of the game. Get in touch with us today on 0116 2693562 for more information and a quote – it’s 100% free!

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