Importance Of Mobile Cricket Covers

Importance Of Mobile Cricket Covers

Mobile cricket covers come with a multitude of benefits which make them a sound investment for schools and sports clubs alike.

But, if you’re still wondering what are the benefits of mobile cricket covers, then read on to find out more.

Save money long term

How many times has rain called off play? How much extra cost, effort and inconvenience does that cause? When there’s no guarantees with the UK weather, having a mobile cricket cover in place means you can quickly and effectively protect your cricket pitch when a downpour happens.

This, in turn, means cost savings in the long run – not only due to less need to reschedule play, but also because you’ll be assured that the cricket pitch will be protected from damage from the elements. In addition, less need to reschedule means less worry about how and when you’ll fit that extra match into your fixtures list.

These days the cost of mobile cricket covers has come down dramatically and they are much more affordable and innovative. In fact, you may well be pleasantly surprised to find it is a lot less than the costs incurred from regularly having to call off matches and carry out added repairs to the damaged ground.

Ease of maneuverability

Thanks to the lightweight and breathable mobile cricket covers that have been developed in recent years, it makes them much more easy to move in place and take away again, when necessary. You might have a mobile cricket cover that covers the bowlers run up, in addition to the square, or one that simply protects the square and wickets.

Whatever size you need and however much coverage you require, a mobile cricket cover should always be easy to put together and simple to push on and off the square and carefully store away. This ease of movement can mean masses of time saved and the difference between whether play will resume that day, or not. 

Plays a vital role in ground maintenance

Protecting your wicket from the damage that heavy rain, snow and frost can cause, can not only save you money in the reduction in cancelled games.

It can also help to keep the ground as well maintained as possible, whether you have an artificial cricket surface or grass. With an improved standard of well hydrated, but not flooded, properly fertilised, healthy ground, which is clear of debris, the pitch will be much better to play on, which in turn should help your team to better develop their skills and improve levels of play.

Protecting the square from damaging elements, by using a super tough mobile cricket cover, plays a vital role in year round ground maintenance and pitch preparations. In addition to coverage, the lightweight and breathable nature of modern mobile cricket covers, means only the right elements, such as sunlight and air, will get to the pitch to give it the goodness it needs.

Enquire about CJ Sports mobile cricket covers 

At CJ Sports, we offer a perfect solution to cricket pitch protection, with mobile cricket covers that come in a range of sizes and materials. Get in touch with a member of our team today to find out more.

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