Benefits of Football Ball Stop Netting

Benefits of Football Ball Stop Netting

Encouraging children and young people to play different sports and get active outdoors on a regular basis is more vital than ever.

With worrying statistics surrounding the increasing time spent looking at screens every day, experts are warning that more needs to be done to get children moving once more.

Risks to health from too much screen time are thought to include obesity, poor sleep, lack of fitness, vitamin D deficiency (from less sunshine), anxiety and depression – what better reason to get your children outside for a kickabout with their mates?

But then there’s the age old problem of preventing the costly damage to buildings and personal injury that can be caused by a wayward ball that’s been hit that bit too hard. And, while it’s hard to prevent this with a game in the street, stopping this sort of damage from happening at organised occasions is one of the main benefits of football ball stop netting for sports clubs, schools and organisations.

When having a game of football, children should be able to have the space to hone their skills and up their fitness levels with a good area to run about and play in. But sometimes, space can be hard to find – especially in built up areas.

Having football stop netting fitted offers peace of mind that, even when the ball is booted off at a crazy angle, there won’t be any broken windows, bumps, scratches and dents in cars, damaged property, or injured passers by to worry about.

Without football netting in place, at best there’s the concern about lost balls and the cost of replacement, at worst, there’s the headache of forking out for costly repairs when extensive damage is caused.

What type of football ball stop netting do I need?

Our high-quality ball stop netting for sports clubs, schools and organisations is pressure tested in laboratory conditions specifically for each type of ball which is to be used. This can include ball stop netting for football, cricket, golf, basketball and many other sports. When creating the netting, it’s important to consider the following:

  • Material
  • Ball size
  • Ball weight
  • Expected spin
  • Travelling speed and velocity

These factors can make a huge difference when it comes to installing netting that gives the highest levels of safety and long lasting durability for years to come. In the case of football ball stop netting, it’s important to ensure it’s fully capable of stopping a football safely, no matter how hard it’s kicked.

Football Ball Stop Netting professionally installed

The team at CJ Sports includes one of the country’s most experienced football ball stop netting installers, Chris Campbell, who has over 35 years working and consulting closely with some of the country’s leading professional and amateur sports clubs, schools and organisations.

This expertise and commitment to quality means we can guarantee hard-wearing, durable and long lasting netting solutions, instead of quick, cheap and badly installed nets which need replacing quickly and may well be not up to the job in the first place.

We can help uncover your exact requirements when it comes to football ball stop netting, by carrying out a thorough and in-depth analysis of your existing netting, or, if it’s something completely new, by assessing your needs. In addition to the installation of the right football ball stop netting for you, we can also offer recommendations for ensuring it is long-lasting, health and safety compliant.

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