The Best World Cup Goals of All Time

The Best World Cup Goals of All Time

The 2018 World Cup in Russia is starting soon and what better way to announce it’s arrival than looking back at the some of the best goals of all time!

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Manuel Negrete – Mexico vs Bulgaria (1986)

Recently voted by football fans from around the world as the greatest World Cup goal of all time on the official Fifa Facebook page.

This sublime volley is definitely worth watching a couple of times!

Diego Maradona – Argentina v England (1986)

Potentially not one of the best but a defining moment of the 1986 World Cup and incredibly memorable. Diego Maradona’s infamous ‘hand of God’ goal still haunts England football fans to this day.

Carlos Alberto – Brazil v Italy (1970)

Considered one of the greatest team goals ever scored by an all-conquering Brazillian national side. The Italians never stood a chance!

Maxi Rodriguez – Argentina v Mexico (2006)

Slightly more recently, this extra time goal from Maxi Rodriguez means he managed to outshine Lionel Messi which isn’t a small feat!

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