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Tennis Court Construction Surrey

Tennis Court Construction Surrey

When it comes to tennis court construction, Surrey appears to be topping the list for those looking to up their game. It won’t be long before the warmer months are here and for anyone lucky enough to have a tennis court installation in their back garden, it’s time to dust off the racquet once more.. Continue Reading

Synthetic tennis court

Synthetic Tennis Court Repair

Tennis season is well and truly upon us. And with Wimbledon just around the corner, sports fans young and old are knocking up in schools and sports clubs, honing their racquet skills in readiness for the long summer months ahead. However if your tennis courts are in need of some TLC, a synthetic tennis court.. Continue Reading

12 Swinging Facts About Tennis Courts

Take a look at our infographic that highlights some key facts about tennis courts! Discover the origins of tennis, facts about Wimbledon and which tennis court built in 1526 is still in use today.  (We have also included a convenient code snippet for easy embedding onto your own blog.) Infographic by CJ Sports

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