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Tennis Court Maintenance In Lincolnshire – Improve Your Game

Did you know that there is more than one way to improve your tennis game? With the right levels of tennis court maintenance Lincolnshire tennis fans of all abilities can reap the benefits of better play. 

As with most things in life, tennis courts will age and wear over time, making them less enjoyable to play on. In some instances, where tennis courts are not taken proper care of, they can even become unsafe. Cracks can appear, lines can fade and the court can become uneven, whatever the surface is that you’re playing on. 

After repeated use, Lincolnshire tennis courts will become damaged over time and the major culprits are adverse weather conditions, changing climate and very regular play. They can also deteriorate rapidly when they have been shown a lack of care, whether that’s because debris and algae has been allowed to remain on the court, leaving a slippery surface littered with trip hazards, or it’s not received the proper levels of maintenance that it requires. 

While certain tennis court surfaces are hardwearing and more durable than others, and this may affect the type of tennis court construction that you choose, all court surfaces can be affected by age. 

Why tennis court maintenance in Lincolnshire is vital

Other signs that a court hasn’t received the right levels of tennis court maintenance in Lincolnshire can be that the edges of the court, or certain parts of it, are starting to crumble away or become uneven. 

When puddles appear on a tennis court after it rains, this means that the surface is no longer completely flat. You might sometimes see these types of dips in the court appearing on the baseline, where many of the returns are made, or up at the net. 

These problems with tennis courts not only make the court look unappealing to play on, but a poor playing surface increases the risk of injury through slips and falls. These injuries can range in severity from bumps and bruises to muscle sprains and broken bones. Your game itself can also be affected, because you might find that you’re spending more time being careful not to slip and less time on enjoying the game. 

When a ball bounces off in an unexpected direction because it has hit a dip or a bump, this can be extremely frustrating. It in turn will affect your performance, because you might find yourself less able to reach for the ball. Quality tennis court maintenance will get rid of this problem.

Highest levels of safety and the best levels of play  

You may feel that if you’ve spent a great deal of money on having your tennis court installed then the high quality levels of tennis court design and installation will mean that your court doesn’t need much tennis court maintenance in Lincolnshire. 

But, despite some tennis court surfaces requiring more maintenance than others, it’s not just certain types of court which this applies to. 

All surfaces need care over time, including the following: 

  • Rubber Tennis Surfaces 
  • Synthetic Grass Courts 
  • Hard Courts 
  • Grass Courts 
  • Clay Courts 

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