The Benefits of Astro Turf Pitches

The Benefits of Astro Turf Pitches

Cricket is a sport which has traditionally taken place on good quality grass, but, with the British weather not its greatest friend, astro turf pitches have become used more frequently over the years. 

At all levels, cricket has become so much more than a summer sport and now there are calls for games and practice sessions to go ahead more often. But, with regular UK rainfall making grass pitches unplayable for part of the year, an alternative had to be created. 

Over the last few decades there has been a huge increase in artificial cricket pitch construction as modern synthetic surfaces replace uneven or weather damaged grass pitches, poorly constructed bases and inferior carpets.


A modern way to play

The experts who have designed and manufactured the England Cricket Board (ECB) approved astro turf pitches have developed them to ensure play moves in the same way as a game would on a natural, high quality grass pitch.  The ECB has even stated that an artificial cricket pitch of this standard can potentially withstand 20 times more games in a season than a natural pitch – so it’s easy to see why they’re used so regularly at all levels.

To rank as ECB approved, the pitches have to be tested against some tough criteria set out in their Performance Standards for non-turf cricket pitches intended for outdoor use, which test the performance of the surface during the game, construction and materials used. 

Our artificial turf pitches are created using British made Wilton weave carpet or Eco Needle Punched Tufted Turf Carpet. They require minimal maintenance over their expected 15 year lifespan, while the dense fibre shock pad and dynamic base can keep going for many years after. 


More benefits of artificial turf pitches

The main benefit of astro turf pitches is the fact that they provide a consistent, safe and weather proof surface, which enables play all year round. But there are plenty more advantages to be gained from playing on astro turf, too. 

Installing astro turf pitches can mean the following: 

  • Lower costs 
  • Less need for repair and maintenance
  • Longer life span
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors
  • No need to fertilise, mow, roll and level the grass
  • Perfect for schools and clubs as they can withstand heavy use

It’s easy to see why so many schools and clubs are investing in artificial turf pitches for both practice nets and match days with the guarantees of a consistent, weather resilient surface. 

So, if you’re looking to follow suit and are wondering where you can get an astro turf pitch installed, then get in touch with our experts to find out more. 


Free Artificial Cricket Pitch Quote

Remember, installing an artificial cricket pitch can help lower the costs for your school or club, as repair and maintenance is almost non-existent compared to turf cricket pitches.

At CJ Sports we use the finest materials and decades of cricket pitch installation expertise to ensure your astro turf cricket pitch installation complies with ECB standards which will give you a pitch to be proud to use all year round.

To book your free artificial cricket pitch quote, use our contact form or call us on 0116 269 3562.

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