Non-Turf Cricket Pitches

Non-Turf Cricket Pitches

When you imagine the perfect game of cricket, it’s likely to be taking place on a gleaming stretch of green turf, on a beautiful sunny day. But we all know that the British weather is never 100% guaranteed to bring the sunshine, no matter the season. And the last thing you want is for the pitch to be ruined by a sudden, prolonged downpour. This is where hard wearing and low maintenance non-turf cricket pitches are worth their weight in gold – because they allow play, whatever the weather, or time of year.

What are non-turf cricket pitches?

Non-turf cricket pitches or synthetic grass pitches give a consistent level of play all year round. And because they don’t fall foul of the damage that poor weather conditions can cause, it means that they stay safer to play on, at whatever level you’re playing at – whether it’s for practise sessions or matches.

Non-turf cricket pitches are created to offer the same levels of performance that a turf pitch would, but they have also been designed to get the best results from the game. That’s why they’re specifically developed to encourage the best possible bounce, swing and spin for bowlers, for example.

Rising in popularity

In recent decades there has been a big uptake in non-turf cricket pitch installation, because of the masses of benefits that they bring. These include the following:

  • Low maintenance alternative to turf pitch (no pitch rolling and watering needed)
  • Consistent surface all year round – no uneven surface issues
  • Longer life span means a lot less need for repair and replacement
  • Available in a range of colours
  • No spending out on grass pitch covers

Buy your non-turf cricket pitches

At CJ Sports, all our artificial cricket pitches are made of durable and hard-wearing Wilton weave fibre carpet, which requires minimal maintenance over an expected 15-year lifespan. They also come with a dense fibre shock pad to protect the dynamic base from damage.

They can be installed in schools, clubs, universities and other sports facilities to suit a whole manner of requirements and are built to the standard 30m x 2.74m dimensions.

At CJ Sports we use the finest materials to ensure your synthetic cricket pitch installation complies with ECB standards, which means you’ll get a pitch you can use in any weather condition, all year round. The turf is thoroughly tested against criteria set out in the ECB’s Performance Standards for non-turf cricket pitches, which means it’s guaranteed to be of high quality.

Additionally, bespoke sizes can be requested and the following dimensions can be installed, too:

  • 11m x 2.74m Long Batting End
  • 8m x 2.74m Long Bowling End

FREE non-turf cricket pitch quote

Installing non-turf cricket pitches can help lower costs, as repair and maintenance costs are almost non-existent compared to turf cricket pitches.

Get in touch with us for more information on our non-turf cricket pitch installation services today and benefit from our free, no-obligation quote.

With over 35 years of cricket pitch installation experience, we can quickly and safely install your non-turf cricket pitches in any environment, to give you the consistent, year-round playing surface you need.

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