Your Guide For Installing A Cricket Boundary Net

Your Guide For Installing A Cricket Boundary Net

Cricket season is in full swing and, for anyone looking to get the most out of the game, the presence of a cricket boundary net is a must.

Cricket balls by design are pretty hard and, when they’re hit at high speeds, they can cause considerable damage to anything or anyone who gets in their way.

The good news is that this doesn’t need to be the case when there is a cricket boundary net in place. When set up properly, a boundary net can protect people who are watching the game because it is able to prevent any wayward balls from getting through it.

The cricket netting is made from hardwearing braided nylon, it’s 2mm thick and knotted to provide outstanding durability and strength, which means that, no matter how hard that ball is hit, it’s never getting through the boundary net.

For this reason, you can be sure that nearby buildings, vehicles, other players and spectators are safe from the serious damage that a wayward cricket ball can cause.

Players can benefit too

In addition to setting up a cricket boundary net to protect spectators and nearby vehicles and buildings, there are several benefits of boundary net installation for players, too.

For example, the cricket boundary net can allow players to practice hitting on their own without having to run all over the field to collect their balls up when they are finished. In addition, it means less chance of balls getting lost.

A beautiful sunny day is perfect for a game of cricket, but when you install a cricket boundary net it can protect players from the harsh UV rays of the sun. On top of this, the black colour of the cricket boundary net means that players who are using multi-coloured cricket balls will have maximum visibility when hitting the ball.

Types of cricket boundary netting

At CJ Sports, we have been installing cricket netting for almost 40 years. The high quality netting which we provide comes in a variety of shapes, adjustable heights of up to 11 metres and sizes to suit all budgets, space and requirements.

It is held in place using galvanised netting hooks, or black plastic ties and is usually black in colour, as mentioned above, although coloured cricket practice netting is also available on special order, to reflect specific branding for clubs or schools.

We don’t only install cricket boundary nets either. There is a range of netting options available including cricket roof netting and cricket dividing netting, for example. Our outdoor cricket netting also comes with a 5-year guarantee. So, in the unlikely event that your nets require repair or maintenance, we can visit you quickly to fix the problem, free of charge.

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