Golf Ball Netting

Perks of Golf Ball Stop Netting

When practising your shots, golf netting is a great way to ensure you don’t lose wayward balls… but there are so many more benefits to having these sturdy hard wearing safety barriers set up on driving ranges, schools and golf courses.

Problems not having netting

High-quality golf ball netting is the perfect solution for every golf course or driving range, protecting players, spectators and the surrounding environment from damage caused by high-speed golf balls.

Not only can the right netting save thousands of pounds in damage, but it can also help protect against all manner of legal claims for any damage caused to belongings, cars or people.

If your public driving range, school driving range or members golf course is near to any cars, a built-up area, or it’s a place that often attracts spectators, then you certainly won’t want to leave yourself open to the problems of not having adequate netting.

Benefits of golf netting

CJ Sports golf nets are easy to maintain and manufactured to the highest possible standards giving outstanding performance in the most demanding of environments.

Prevention of damage and injury is the most obvious benefit of golf netting. However, they’re perfect for use in sports clubs, golf clubs and schools, because they offer an excellent way to ensure driving ranges are kept entirely separate from nearby buildings or the courses themselves, with no danger of stray balls interrupting play.

In addition, their hardwearing nature means driving ranges remain a welcoming place to practice, with attractive, well-kept netting that won’t easily become damaged or frayed. The high-quality nature of the golf netting will also give club members reassurance that their fees have been invested in sustainable structures that will protect them and others.

Here are a few more benefits to buying your golf netting with CJ Sports:

  • Low maintenance
  • Golf cages made from galvanised steel for a longer lifespan
  • High-quality powder coating to suit any colour scheme.
  • Nets come in three colours – black, green or white – and will fit any size golf cage.
  • Long-life connectors
  • Static or mobile – a range of golf cages to suit every need
  • Five year guarantee – which means that any maintenance needed is covered.

Get Your Golf Netting Today

Over the years CJ Sports has developed a wide range of high-quality golf netting to adapt to the changing needs of the market and incorporate the latest high-quality materials.

With over 35 years experience, our team is also able to determine the best golf netting solution for your needs and provide expert installation, ensuring the very best possible and most long-lasting result.

With our five year guarantee, you can also rest assured that, on the slim chance that something does go wrong, we will be able to quickly come and fix/replace your golf netting free of charge.

There’s no worrying about high costs either – if your budget is small, refurbishing existing nets is a service we also offer.

For more information about the range of golf netting we provide, get in touch today and speak to a member of the team who can help.

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