outdoor kids gym equipment for active fun

Outdoor Kids Gym Equipment For Active Fun

This year has been one like no other for keeping us distanced away from our friends, which is why, when it comes to keeping our young ones healthy, the installation of outdoor kids gym equipment for active fun is so useful.

As people the world over have spent more time confined to their homes this year, thanks to COVID-19, the isolation has taken its toll on the mental and physical health of young and old alike. Already worrying figures on obesity in the UK, which have built up over the years, can only have been made worse by the less active lifestyles which many have had to get used to in 2020.

As we all work to beat the global pandemic, which has devastated businesses, economies and communities, it’s vital that we continue to look after ourselves and our loved ones by remaining as fit and healthy as possible.


Remember to get young ones exercising

Exercise is one of the biggest ways to improve mental and physical health. And for our children it’s no exception. The benefits of exercise for kids, especially when it’s outdoors, can include the following: 

  • Greater exposure to sunshine – which gives a boost to the immune system and the vital dose of Vitamin D that the body needs
  • More opportunity for active exercise with the greater space available
  • Kids can see the fun and enjoyment in exercise 
  • Use of the brain to take part in challenges and make decisions
  • Fresh air provides energy and boosts mental focus and concentration
  • Increased self esteem and confidence
  • Enjoyment of nature 

As obesity figures continue to rise in school age children in the western world, the problem of obesity and the life threatening effects that it can have should never be ignored. Not only does obesity increase the chance of chronic disease, but it’s become even more serious this year, as  experts believe that those who are overweight are more at risk of suffering the most serious effects of COVID-19. 


Types of outdoor equipment to keep kids fit

The installation of kids’ gym equipment in schools means that they can exercise, socialise and challenge each other, but in a socially distanced way, as the equipment is placed 2m apart. 

The outdoor kids gym equipment which we install includes a whole range of machines designed to work on the whole body, improving cardiovascular fitness, strength and flexibility, not to mention mental and physical health overall. The amount of kids’ gym equipment that you can have installed in schools can vary, depending on the space and budget available. Pick from a range of outdoor gym equipment including the health walker, sky stepper, horse rider, children’s rower, arm pedal cycle and much, much more. 

If cost is a concern, get in touch for a quote. You might be surprised by how affordable it is.


Kids gym equipment quote

At CJ Sports, we have been pleased to install kids gym equipment in schools, parks and open spaces all over the UK. As experts in our field, we would be more than happy to visit your school or club, assess the area and take you through the most suitable options available. 

Getting a quote is 100% free of charge, so why not book your visit today?

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