The Daily Mile

What Is The Daily Mile? How Do I Take Part?

Exercise is one of the best habits a child can develop, and the Daily Mile is a central plank for achieving a lifelong interest in healthy living. With the NHS and other healthcare organisations under continuing stress due to under-funding, anything which introduces future generations to a healthy lifestyle has to be a good thing.

So What is the Daily Mile?

It’s such a simple idea: every nursery or primary school pupil runs or jogs for fifteen minutes every day and in that time, the average child will cover around a mile in distance. It doesn’t matter if they fall short; the Daily Mile is all about enjoyment and beginning of a lifelong involvement in sport.

A pupil’s physical health is the obvious benefit, but research shows that the Daily Mile contributes to improved mental health and emotional wellbeing. Stirling and Edinburgh Universities conducted studies which showed “a child’s attention and memory improves after exercise”.

It’s a positive programme for schools to embrace whichever way you look at it:

  • 15 minutes out of each day to promote a lifetime of healthy living
  • Free for all, irrespective of age, ability or personal circumstances
  • Healthy children are motivated to learn
  • Healthy children have good attendance record, leading to improved educational performance
  • The programme is fully flexible and takes place at the school’s convenience

Hit the Running Track – Implementing the Daily Mile

A running track is a simple but effective piece of athletics equipment. Typically four hundred metres long, it only takes four laps of the average running track to complete the Daily Mile – how simple is that?

It’s an activity which the whole class can enjoy together without the need to turn the event into a race. But the Daily Mile isn’t the only reason to have a running track installed at your school.

Sports days become more fun for pupils and easier to manage for staff. The watching parents get a good view of the children and the parent’s races are always more fun when the runners try to keep in their lanes!

But it’s not just about the schools themselves, the community can benefit as a whole with a running track with local clubs using the facilities on a regular basis. It’s a way for schools to recoup some of the cost of investing in the running track itself.

Installation of Equipment is not as Daunting as it Seems

When you have decided to invest in athletics equipment, CJ Sports is ready and waiting for your call. With 35 years of experience, we don’t just provide the equipment but also deliver the installation with precision, care, and professionalism. Our staff are flexible and work around your timescales, and keep you fully informed all the way.

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