Outdoor Sports Equipment For Schools

Outdoor Sports Equipment For Schools

Are you among the many thousands of education professionals looking to enhance the wellbeing of your students by sourcing effective outdoor sports equipment for schools?

Our health and wellbeing has never been more at the forefront of most of our minds than in the last couple of years. As we all come to terms with what has been described as the ‘new normal’, following the outbreak of COVID19, an even greater focus has been placed on the positive effects that outdoor exercise can have on our physical and mental wellbeing. And in no small part has this been a vital consideration for young ones suffering the effects of being confined to their homes for so long.

During the COVID19 lockdown, one of the few reasons to leave the house was for outdoor exercise and this was because the UK government was aware of just how important it was. As schools look to make their establishments as safe as possible, the establishment of outdoor sports equipment is one way to ensure children can exercise in a safe environment, free from any unwanted germs which might be hanging about.

Something for everyone

The different types of outdoor sports equipment for schools that we offer include the installation and maintenance of the following: 

  • Tennis courts with a choice of surfaces
  • Athletics tracks and associated facilities
  • Football and rugby pitches 
  • Cricket facilities
  • Outdoor gym equipment

This variety of outdoor sports equipment means that there will always be something for everyone. There’s every chance for school pupils to find a sport which they love and, by doing so, they can easily enhance their fitness, health and mental wellbeing. 

Ensure 100% safety

When you’re looking for outdoor sports equipment for schools, before making such an investment, it’s vital to check that the people providing it know what they’re doing. When getting your tennis court construction underway, for example, you need to be sure that it will be done with all safety considerations assessed, the area has been properly checked for suitability and that all tennis court surface options have been explored. 

The same applies with the installation of any other sports equipment – you need the peace of mind that someone with the right levels of know-how has been involved to ensure the complete safety of anyone who uses it. 

At CJ Sports, our team has around 40 years of experience in providing outdoor sports equipment for schools, with services ranging from minor repairs and maintenance through to new facilities planning and installation management.

We also have great experience in working with organisations where budgetary restrictions have been a crucial consideration. With our flexible payment options and help with applications for grants, we have been able to help provide outdoor sports equipment for schools all over the UK.

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If you like the thought of having additional outdoor sports equipment installed at your school, give a member of our friendly and professional team a call today and get a free quote from a construction specialist. 

We look forward to discussing the wide range of possibilities there are.

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