How A Synthetic Grass Tennis Court Can Improve Play

A synthetic grass tennis court installed in your home or sports club, is a hugely popular and effective alternative to a natural grass, hard or clay court. This is because there are many benefits to be had from choosing this tennis court surface over any other.

A synthetic grass tennis court might look similar to a grass court and have the same sort of natural looking appeal, but it requires a lot less maintenance, or need for repair

There’s no worrying about a heavy rain shower stopping play afterwards, because a synthetic grass tennis court has effective drainage in its backing. The fact that artificial grass courts take a lot less maintenance, also means added convenience and much lower long term costs. 


Less wear and tear

A synthetic grass tennis court surface is highly resilient and will stay consistent (as opposed to grass courts which can become uneven in the areas which are played on more often). 

No matter how often the court is used, or whatever the weather, you can be sure that an outdoor synthetic grass tennis court will keep the same texture throughout. You also won’t need to worry about where it’s installed (the same can’t be said for a natural grass court which requires plenty of sun).

There’s no need to get the lines repainted regularly either, as you might have to with a grass court or hard court.  They’re stitched into the court and made from the same material, so there’s no chance of the lines smearing or wearing away.  


Improved play 

The fact that the lines won’t smear and are part of the court itself, means you won’t get the dodgy bounces when the ball hits the line. The likelihood of a bad bounce is also reduced by the fact that the surface of the court is consistent. So there’s more chance of the ball staying in play longer and a greater opportunity to predict where it will go, while improving your tennis skills at the same time. 

The softer surface is less harsh on your joints than a harder court which means less chance of injury and it comes in a range of pile heights, depending on the speed of the game that you’re looking for. The shorter the pile on a synthetic grass tennis court, the faster the play. Additionally, the surface offers players a good grip, but the chance to slide for the ball. 

So, in summary, the main benefits of choosing a synthetic grass tennis court are as follows: 

  • Lower costs
  • Less maintenance required 
  • Resilient, consistent surface 
  • Minimal wear and tear 
  • Predictable bounce
  • Year round play 

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