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Synthetic Tennis Court Repair

Tennis season is well and truly upon us. And with Wimbledon just around the corner, sports fans young and old are knocking up in schools and sports clubs, honing their racquet skills in readiness for the long summer months ahead. However if your tennis courts are in need of some TLC, a synthetic tennis court repair service could be the answer.

Synthetic courts are a popular choice of surface as they require much less maintenance than the famous grass courts, stand up to the British weather better and offer faster play.

Yet, even these synthetic surfaces need proper care, maintenance, repair and attention on a regular basis to ensure they continue to offer the very best chance of a good game, every time.

In advance of the coming season, tennis court owners are preparing for the summer onslaught and, following the winter months, it’s common for them to require some form of synthetic tennis court repair.


Why tennis court repair should be on your agenda

Even the best synthetic tennis courts can become worn and in need of repair over time, especially when they’re well used.

Using a good tennis court repair service can extend the life of a synthetic tennis surface, as well as ensuring that users get the most enjoyment out of the game – and higher levels of safety when they play.

What’s the point of having a synthetic tennis court that floods easily or a hard court that’s starting to see chips and cracks that are only going to get worse?

It’s when a tennis court first starts to show signs of needing repair, such as when a synthetic court displays poor drainage, or becomes worn, damaged and unsafe that it’s time to get it sorted out.

Make sure you get your tennis surface fixed quickly – this will help save money in the long term and ensure that problems are not left to become worse. In addition, it means that users will get the best use of your sports facilities for longer.


The types of synthetic tennis court we repair

At CJ Sports, we can install, repair and rejuvenate a range of tennis surfaces across the UK, including sand dressed, sand filled, polymeric rubber and artificial clay surfaces.

Our synthetic clay surface repair includes infill of new flooring for a smoother finish, while we can provide synthetic grass surface repair on a court that might have become compacted with dirt or perhaps is no longer as porous as it should be.

Once your tennis court is repaired or resurfaced, we can also offer a maintenance service which will guarantee that synthetic tennis court repair is unlikely to be on the cards for many years to come.


Get your free synthetic tennis court repair quote today

Tennis courts should be given the chance to live up to their full potential all year round – and this can be achieved through proper care, maintenance and repair.

At CJ Sports, our team of experts has provided happy customers with a synthetic tennis court repair service, for almost 40 years.

To find out more about the synthetic tennis court repair service we offer, or to pick up a free quote, get in touch with a member of our team today.

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