Outdoor Gym Equipment For Parks

Outdoor Gym Equipment For Parks

Installing outdoor gym equipment for parks is an excellent way to ensure everyone can have safe and affordable access to exercise.

It’s January – traditionally the time of year when people think more about getting fit and shedding the excess pounds which have accumulated over the festive period. 

But, the cost of a gym membership can often stop people from signing up and cause them to miss out on staying healthy. Not to mention the increased risk of catching Covid 19 when exercising indoors.

In these pandemic hit times, many people might shy away from taking part in indoor exercise, such as group classes, indoor swims or gym sessions, and in turn, the decline in those doing regular exercise can affect the quality of life in general.

That’s where having access to high quality outdoor gym equipment can be an absolute life saver (quite literally).

Stay Active With The Right Equipment

Not having access to exercise equipment can even impact society as a whole because, whether it’s through lack of availability or affordability, it can dramatically affect the physical and mental health of everyone.

This can put extra strain on our vital NHS services and lower the overall happiness and wellbeing levels within our communities – but, by providing outdoor gym equipment for parks, this problem can be solved. 

Local parks are freely available for all to use and the installation of outdoor gym equipment means a free way to get exercise outdoors.

Staying active can be easy with the right equipment and the variety of outdoor gym equipment that is available means there will always be something for everyone.  

Whether you’re looking to install outdoor gym equipment for parks or other public spaces, or you think it might be a perfect addition to the sports facilities available at your school, there’s a massive range of equipment to choose from.

The variety of equipment includes, but is certainly not restricted to, the following:

  • Double slalom skier
  • Sit up bench
  • Double power push
  • Double pull up
  • Sky Stepper
  • Tai Chi discs
  • Rower
  • Static bike
  • Double pull down challenger
  • Double squat push
  • Waist twister
  • Strength challenger

As a result of the many types of outdoor gym equipment available, whatever way someone wants to improve their fitness, whether it’s through cardiovascular exercise, strength building, or flexibility, there’s a piece of kit that’s right for your community. 

Using outdoor gym equipment for parks is a fun way for people of all ages to enjoy exercise. And, at the same time, by exercising outdoors on a sunny day, it will offer the health-boosting effects of a good dose of sunshine and fresh air (not to mention the release of endorphins and other stress-relieving hormones). 

At CJ Sports, we have installed a huge variety of sports and adult outdoor gym equipment at locations all over the UK.

The high quality of the equipment means it can stand up to all kinds of UK weather conditions, providing a long-lasting and highly effective way to exercise outdoors, which is completely safe to use. 

Discover the options available to you by booking a free site visit and quote for the cost of getting your outdoor gym equipment installed.

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There’s never been a better time for people to build their physical and mental health, so, here’s your chance to make it an easily accessible option. 

If you are looking into the possibility of installing outdoor gym equipment for parks in your area, then get in touch today for a free quote from a construction specialist. 

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