Tennis Court Construction Cambridge

Are you thinking about tennis court construction in Cambridge? There might be many reasons why you are. For example, perhaps you’re looking to get fit and healthy again after lockdown and feel that the construction of a tennis court could help you do just that – while adding to the value of your home. 

Maybe, your existing tennis court has seen better days and you could do with having a refurbished tennis court that enhances the experience of playing on it and will enable you to start loving the sport again. 

Perhaps you’re in charge of tennis court maintenance at your local club, but could do with a helping hand from the experts. 

At CJ Sports, we have many years of experience in providing professional tennis court construction in Cambridge and other parts of the UK. So, whether you’re looking to install a new court from scratch, refurbish an old court, or just carry out a spot of tennis court maintenance, we can help. 

It’s always worth asking the experts – that way, you’ll know that the money you spend on tennis court construction or repair will provide you with excellent results that you’ll love for many years to come.

So, which surface do you choose for your Cambridge tennis court? 


Tennis Court Surfaces 

There are several different types of tennis court surfaces available and they all have their plus points. The speed of the game can be affected by the surface that you’re playing on, as can the impact on your joints. Tennis court surfaces include the following 

  • Hard Courts 
  • Rubber Courts 
  • Artificial Grass 
  • Clay Courts 
  • Real Grass Court

The most popular tennis court surfaces to install these days are rubber courts or synthetic grass courts. That’s because they require a lot less maintenance than a real grass court, but are a lot friendlier on the joints than a hard court surface. 

When considering the differences between rubber courts vs synthetic grass tennis courts, really it’s all down to aesthetics, for example, you might like the look of a grass court, but want one which is easy to maintain. Other factors to consider are the space that you have and what works better for you, with regard to the speed of play and slip factor. One thing’s for certain, when you choose an artificial surface, you’ll have the chance to play all year round, benefit from greater slip resistance and the lines on the court will stay in place much longer – which means the court will need to be maintained much less. 

All aspects of constructing your tennis court will require the highest levels of skill and expertise. And, when it comes time to repair your tennis court, or give it a spot of maintenance to ensure it looks in peak condition, then, at CJ Sports, we can arrange to repair and rejuvenate your Cambridge tennis court in no time at all. 

Our tennis court resurfacing and maintenance service will also extend the lifespan of your court and guarantee that repairs are an unlikely prospect in the years to come. 


100% FREE Tennis Court Quote

When tennis court construction in Cambridge is on the cards, make the most of a 100% free quote from a tennis court construction specialist and find out more about the options available to you. 

With around 40 years of experience in tennis court construction, repair and maintenance, we can help provide the right solution. Get in touch today to find out more.

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