When Is Tennis Court Resurfacing Right For You?

When your tennis court has seen better days, then tennis court resurfacing may well be the solution you need to help you get the most out of it again. 

There are many reasons why tennis court resurfacing could be right for you. The original surface could have been affected by the elements over the years and become uneven, or even dangerous to play on. Perhaps the quality of play is being affected and it’s reducing your love of the game. Or it could be that you’ve moved into a new property and want to breathe new life into a previously unloved court.

What Is Involved In Tennis Court Resurfacing?

Resurfacing a tennis court is an alternative to complete replacement. Those installing a synthetic or rubber tennis court surface will look to repair and clean the existing court where necessary to ensure a level foundation and then lay the surface over the top. 

It’s an easier alternative to hard tarmac resurfacing and will be kinder on the joints, provide a good grip in wet conditions and is easily cleaned, therefore simpler to maintain.

Resurfacing your court will ensure that the risk of injury is minimised. When running about on a court which gets slippery easily or has cracks in it, the injuries that can come about as a result can be quite severe. 

Getting the surface up to scratch means the quality of play is improved and then it’s more easily maintained as the years go by. 


The Benefits Of Court Resurfacing

If you’re wondering when you need resurfacing to improve play, then ask yourself, are those who play on it getting the same enjoyment from the game as they were? 

When you go for tennis court resurfacing, the levels of play might be improved simply by the fact that the court looks better – the lines aren’t blurred or worn away, there are no chips and cracks to trip on and it’s a more attractive prospect to play on it. 

Then there’s the way the ball bounces – if the court is uneven or worn, the ball will bounce differently in different parts of the court, which means it’s less easy to predict the bounce and the ball will be less likely to remain in play for as long.

Synthetic tennis court resurfacing is also available in different carpet pile heights, depending on the speed of play that you’re looking for – the shorter the pile, the quicker the play, which makes it preferable for more advanced players. 

The main benefits of resurfacing a tennis court include the following: 

  • Save money on costly repairs further down the line
  • Less maintenance required 
  • Get a more resilient, consistent surface 
  • Less chance of wear and tear 
  • The court can be used all year round
  • You’ll get more enjoyment out of it


Get A Quote For Your Tennis Court Resurfacing

Tennis court resurfacing is an extremely cost effective way to ensure you get the very best out of your tennis court for many years to come. Our team have been resurfacing courts all over the UK for almost 40 years and would be happy to provide you with a quote for the resurfacing 100% free of charge. 

Avoid greater repair costs further down the line – get in touch for a tennis court resurfacing quote today and bring your court up to scratch in time for the summer!

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