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Tennis Court Construction Essex

Are you considering tennis court construction in Essex? If staying at home over the last few months has got you thinking how useful it would be to have a tennis court constructed in your home, then now is the time to get it done. 

Thousands of people across the UK love a game of tennis and the summer months are the perfect time to get a few knock ups in. However, making the decision to build a tennis court on your land must involve careful planning, as with any other major investment. 

It is thought that having a well-maintained tennis court can add around £50-75,000 onto a property’s value, so it’s worth getting it constructed in the right way.

When finding tennis court construction in Essex, firstly check out the credentials of the company who will be doing the work. Can you see examples of work they’ve done? What have previous customers got to say about them?  


Things to consider

There is a process that must be followed with tennis court construction and careful consideration should be given at every step. 

Even before you start thinking about tennis court construction in Essex, consider the size of your property and whether a tennis court would not only fit into the space that you have, but whether the installation would fit in with its surroundings. 

Is the area where you want to build the court fairly flat, too, with no thick trees or foliage nearby? Work to flatten a sloped area or clear away trees and foliage will mean that the project will take longer (although still be doable).

It might also be worth checking with your local council, with regard to planning permission. 

Normally this would not be an issue for a court being built within a private garden and the only concern would be about the height of the fence which surrounds it. However, if you’re looking to build the court in land next to the property – such as a field – then the building of the court would require planning permission for the change of use. 

Other factors to consider with tennis court construction in Essex are the following: 

  • Position of the court in order to make the most of the natural light 
  • That the ground has been prepared correctly to have the tennis court built on it
  • Consider undergoing a soil analysis to ensure a successful installation
  • Ensure appropriate drainage is in place and the foundations will be laid correctly 
  • Consider the type of surface that you require – different tennis court surface types make for a completely different style and speed of game
  • Explore the need for fencing around the court 
  • Get a free no-obligation quote to check that the construction of your court will fit in with your budget


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At CJ Sports, our team of tennis court construction experts have been installing, repairing and maintaining world-class tennis surfaces at homes for almost 40 years. Our tennis court installation specialists always aim to ensure the court is built on time, within budget and to the highest standards. 

We’re transparent in our pricing which means that there will be no hidden costs along the way. A member of the team can visit your Essex home to go through your options and offer a 100% free, no-obligation quote. Get in touch to arrange your quote today.

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