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Tennis Court Construction in Manchester

Now is the time of year when the summer sports really are in full swing and as the Covid-19 restrictions start to ease, you might be considering tennis court construction in Manchester to help you make the most of the better weather. 

Tennis court construction in Manchester has risen in popularity as people become more aware of, not only the importance of staying fit and healthy, but also the many thousands of pounds that tennis court installation can add to the value of your home. So if you have the space on your land, could it be time for you to add to the numbers and give tennis court construction in Manchester a go? 


Things to think about 

There are several things to consider once you’ve decided that professional tennis court construction in Manchester is what you need for your home. Factors to take into consideration include the following: 

  • Size of the space available
  • Position of that space in relation to light 
  • Location of the space – (are there, for instance, lots of trees and bushes nearby?)
  • Is the ground suitable for a tennis court to be built on it
  • What type of tennis court surface would you require
  • What is within your budget 


Variety of tennis court surfaces 

When considering tennis court construction in Manchester, one of the biggest decisions to make is what type of surface will be right for your needs. Different courts and surfaces require different levels of maintenance and will also affect the speed of the game and the way it is played. 

Consider the differences between rubber courts vs synthetic grass courts, for example. Synthetic grass courts will enable faster play than hard courts and a lower bounce (great for big servers), while the surface is low maintenance and excellent for absorbing moisture which means you can play all year round – even when it’s raining. 

On the other hand, rubber courts absorb body shock, reduce muscle fatigue and prevent injury through a high level of slip resistance. 

Our experts can talk you through the benefits of all types of tennis court surfaces to ensure you get the tennis court construction in Manchester that’s right for you. 


Tennis court resurfacing and maintenance 

Even the top tennis courts need looking after properly, to ensure users get the very best out of them. 

Whatever type of tennis court construction in Manchester that you go for, using a good tennis court resurfacing and maintenance provider can prolong the life of your court, as well as ensuring you get the most out of the game, not to mention a safe surface to play on. 

At CJ Sports our experts can install your tennis court in Manchester and we can ensure the optimum levels of care will be taken of the court once it has been constructed. We can install, repair and rejuvenate a range of tennis surfaces across the UK.


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