Tennis Court Construction in Oxford - The Ultimate Guide

Tennis Court Construction in Oxford – The Ultimate Guide

Are you looking for tennis court construction in Oxford? Whether you manage a club and need a new court, are having one installed at your home, or within the grounds of a school or college, there are lots of things to consider before making your choice. 

Firstly, it’s important to check that you have the right space for a tennis court. Is the area big enough? Is the ground level, or if not, would it be possible to level it off, prior to your Oxford tennis court construction? Are there any trees or shrubs overhanging the area which might cause damage to the court? 

Once you’ve established that you have the right space for your tennis court construction in Oxford, then it’s time to look into the types of tennis court surface to consider, depending on who will be playing on it, how often and your style of play. Whatever surface you decide upon, what you should expect from a professional tennis court construction expert is excellent results that will last for a long time to come. 

There are several types of tennis court surface to choose from, including the following: 

  • Grass 
  • Hard surface 
  • Clay 
  • Synthetic grass 
  • Rubber 

While grass courts are the traditional lawn tennis surface, made famous by tournaments such as Wimbledon, they can be incredibly hard to maintain and this needs to be done extremely regularly. Instead you may wish to choose synthetic grass which is much easier to care for and offers a similar level of play to real grass. In addition, rubber and hard surfaces can be much easier to maintain and rubber courts, specifically, are a lot kinder to the joints, because they cause a less severe impact when you play on them. 

The synthetic grass, rubber and hard surface tennis courts that we construct are much more hardwearing and of such a level of quality that they can be played on all year round, in all types of weather conditions, without causing damage to the court. 

Time for some maintenance?

There will of course come a time when you need to maintain your Oxford tennis court in order to ensure it stays in tip top condition and there are ways to properly maintain your new tennis court that you can do yourself.

For example, always make sure any debris is removed from the surface, such as leaves and vegetation, food and drink spills and bird droppings – these can have an acidic effect on the court and if left can cause damage.

When damage has been caused, then it’s time to get in the professionals who can carry out expert tennis court maintenance and repairs which will get your court looking at its best once more. 

In more extreme circumstances, where a court has been neglected and allowed to grow more and more damaged, then sometimes resurfacing is a good option.

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