Tennis Court Maintenance Near Me – Your Ultimate Guide

Spurred on by the recent Wimbledon tournament, have you found your love of tennis again and are wondering where can I find tennis court maintenance near me

It could be that you’re in charge of the maintenance of the tennis courts at your local club, or school. Perhaps you’re lucky enough to have a tennis court at your home. Either way, getting some tennis court maintenance in will make sure you get the very most out of the game and also that the court remains safe to play on. 

Where our tennis court maintenance services cover

Based right in the heart of the country, we are able to provide tennis court maintenance near you because we are nationwide, with operations around Leicestershire, Cambridge and Bristol being used in just some of our recent blog posts.

We’ve also recently completed work in Surrey, Essex, London and Manchester. The list goes on. 

For over 35 years we have installed world class tennis surfaces in schools, tennis clubs and local authorities throughout the UK. So, when you’re thinking, is there a company which provides tennis court maintenance near me, then give us a call, because we cover all parts of the country and can be with you before you know it.

Types of tennis court surfaces 

When it comes to choosing the tennis court surface that’s right for you, there are a great many benefits of choosing synthetic or rubber surfaces over real grass, concrete or clay courts. These include the following: 

  • High levels of slip resistance 
  • Surface won’t have as heavy an impact on joints and tendons 
  • Less regular maintenance required 
  • Perfect for all abilities 
  • Year-round play as able to withstand all weather conditions

With so many years of experience, our experts know that, while modern tennis court surfaces, such as rubber and synthetic grass, are specially designed to withstand the wear and tear of an outdoors environment, heavy use and lack of regular tennis court maintenance can allow the court to deteriorate beyond repair. 

So, even though your tennis court surface is made from the most modern materials, it’s important to ensure you maintain the court, so that you can continue to get the very best out of it. 

Tennis court maintenance – the right way

There are several forms of regular tennis court maintenance which you can carry out yourself. These include always ensuring you get rid of any rubbish, fallen leaves or other debris, by giving the court a regular sweep. 

Give the surface a jet wash every once in a while to keep it nice and clean and never allow food or drink spills to stay on the surface. These can become acidic and damaging to the court – the same goes for any bird droppings which are allowed to stay on the surface. 

The proper way in which a tennis court should be maintained is by carrying out regular checks, even when it’s not in use – this will make your product last longer. 

When it comes to getting expert help which you can’t carry out yourself, you’ll find that different courts require different types of maintenance, because they encounter different problems.

We can help with problems such as rips in the carpet, or broken seams – and get your tennis court looking perfect once more. Sometimes the tennis court needs to be resurfaced if the damage is too bad – this is also something our experts can help you with.

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